when Logitech MX Master (2S) lagging/stuttering/skipping/jumping

AGM Software

AGM Software

dear developer/Logitech users

if you got this problem on Logitech MX Master 2S then try to do this on your MAC :

  • click Bluetooth on top right
  • Open Bluetooth Preferences
  • click on Advanced…
  • uncheck all options then click OK

now try to use your mouse again.

when i try this, the mouse is back to normal again, never jump and delay anymore

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  1. Steven Michael

    my logitech MX master2s error cannot do the right click n several standart mouse movement – only the left click worked
    already uninstall& reinstall the logitech options – NOT succeded problem Still continuing

    1. AGM Software

      hi Steven, sorry to hear that.
      have you tried with dongle/receiver mode or bluetooth mode vice versa ?
      and try with different operating system ? ( win / mac os )